Thursday, 10 April 2014


WALT: ask questions as we read to make sure we understand what we read.

Remember we can question before we read…
What is this going to be about? What do I already know that will help me understand? what do I want to find out?
 We can question as we read… 
what does that mean? what is going to happen next? what else do I want to know?
 We can question after we read…
does that make sense? what have I learned? have I answered my earlier questions? what else do I want to know?

My I wonder chart to help me ask questions
    • I learned to: ask lots of questions to help my reading make sense.
    • Most challenging was: getting enough space for all my questions and answers.
    • Next step is to: add some details to my answers.
You are using prediction and questioning as strategies to help you 'tune in' to your text before you start to read. You are able to use the text to help you answer the questions you have asked. Remember to keep on recoding all the wonderful wonderings you have.Your next learning step is to make sure you understand all that you read. Remember to ask questions and to use what you already know to help you make meaning. You may have to reread to make sure the message is clear.

Sharing my Story

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 9.20.12 PM.png

Sharing our Stories

We have been creating a variety of art pieces this term. These pieces are all about ourselves and sharing our stories. We have used different media like collage, watercolour, crayon and clay to create our art. We are beginning to make choices as artists. Each piece of art shares a little about us.

WALT: share our stories and ideas through art.
WALT: explore a variety of media and make choices about
how we want our finished piece to look

Success criteria: * our message is clear
* our art represents us
* we have tried different media
* we choose the media to create the
effect we want

I Think
My Buddy Thinks
my message is clear
yes because it shows 'me'
yes you do to
my art represents me
yes because it has things I like and stuff about me.
yes i think you do it because you make it good like you
I have tried different media
I choose media to create the effect I wanted
my favourite media is… because
clay at school but I love carving at home.
yes i now because  you make really cool suff with the clay

Miko, your art does show you and I can see you have done some thinking and made choices 
about how you want the finished piece to look. I can see you are interested in 3D materials like the clay we used in class and the carving you have shared that you do at home.
Remember to always listen to instructions and keep experimenting with all the different media we have here at school.

Monday, 7 April 2014


Term One Value

Kotahitanga (Unity/Togetherness)

Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable. They are expressed through the ways in which we think and act. In fact everything we do reflects our values!

WALT:     Show kotahitanga with our little buddies from Busy Bees

Task:         Create a poster showing kotahitanga
Success Criteria:
  • Include a clear Image
  • Include our name and our buddies name
  • Show and explain kotahitanga (working together

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.43.17 PM.png

How am I going showing?
I think
My buddy thinks
I am going ok
you are going ok
I think I need to work on that a bit more
I agree
I am nearly there
you are good at it
Looking out for each other
I am very good at it
you are really good at it

* Yellow Hat
What of the above attributes above do you feel is strongest for you?

I think I could work on that a bit more
* Black Hat
What of the following attributes do you feel you need to improve on?

I think I could work on my maintenance
* Red Hat              
How do I feel about kotahitanga?

I feel great about it I think

Miko, you are a kind and caring young man. You take care of others when they are hurt and notice when someone has nobody to play with. You can work in a team but you need to remember that in a team you share your ideas and others share their ideas and you need to compromise.