Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

In maths we had a problem to solve. Stage 6 needed to do 2 ways to sovle the problem and
Stage 5 needed to one.

Big idea: in maths I needed to use two sragerges to work out one problem. there was
Four questions to work out.


Feedback: I think you did great explaining and I liked how you presented it and how you used a number line. Zac.M

Feedforward:next time you could work on the subtraction because you can't minus money at rebel sport.Zac.m

Evaluation: In maths we had to use sragerges I still need to work on reversibility in maths I got rounding and compensating, number line good.

Science portfolio sample

In science we were researching about animals. We needed to pick animal and think
Up a question to find out.

Big Idea:


- think like scientists
- act like a scientist
- make Predictions
-  ideas
- talk like a scientist

Video of spotted hyenas laughing 
This is the sound of spotted hyenas 

This is the link to my inquiry 

Feedback: your slides of spotted hyenas was good. But make sure you put the awnse for on.

Feedforward: I think that you can make your finish your awnser at home when you are sick at home.


I think I need to maybe get more information in my inquiry like adding more details.
Next time I need to maybe try an experiment