Thursday, 27 August 2015

drama portfoilo post term3 2015

description: every thursday we do drama with rebecca. My favourite activity was you cant take me because we had to stay in charcter of an object.


big idea:  in drama we did hot seat in hot seat we had to pretend to be a charcter and when we were in the hot seat we got told lots of questions an we had to anwser  them.

feedback: I like how you tried something hard in the bedroom like the scratching post.   

feedforward: next time you should try be more relistic 

aluation: I was okay at drama but I think i needed to do better at hot seating.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Reading portfolio sample

Description: image questioning is where you look at at an image and then you have to try and get 10 or 20 questions to think up.


Big Idea : questioning is where we think up question's and find questions in the text in a book. We also need to ansesr them to understand the book in our reading.

Feed back: 

Feed forward: 

I think I did good okay on lmage questioning but I might've needed to add a little bit more.