Thursday, 31 March 2016

Writing portfoilo post 2016

Description: last week Poutama had to do a writing post we got to chose one piece of writing I chose my dream giver story and this it.

My Writing


Feed forward: I like how you used lots of discriptive words in your story and the starting sentence really hooked me in. Charlotte W

Feed back: Next time I think you could maybe describe yourself. Charlotte W

Evaluation: I agree with Charlotte I could describe myself in my story next time. Miko

Thursday, 17 March 2016

2016 Camp Portfolio post

Description: Last week the year 5's & 6's went on the bus to go to Waikanae where El Rancho is. When we got there we split up into our activity groups and did the discover El Rancho. There were ten activities in total. They included rifles, horses, mini golf, archery, water slide and many more. We also had a camp diary that we had to fill out each night to record what we did each day. We had to make our beds when we got there and then we had to pack them up when we left. At camp we had a list of jobs to do like cleaning Toliets, setting up for breakfast and lunch and dinner. Doing all the jobs that had to be done when we left.
My favorite activity was rifles because I hit a nine on the bullseye and some two's. I also made some new friends. Making new friends was one of my highlights. We also had a bonfire at camp with smores. A smore is a biscut sandwich with marsh mellows in it.


Feedback: I liked how you explained every thing thing what you did and why you liked it. Hannah G

Feed forward: Next time you could make the photos bigger so people can read what you write. Hannah G

one word portfoilo sample

Description: In class we had to choose a one word for 2016. The one word revolves around our learning and its like a goal put into one word. Then had to share it on twitter. My one word is control. I chose this word because I need to control what I do and how I use my time. After that we did some art. The art was a sign with our one word on it. Step one we measured out the size of our arms to make our signs. We then had to practice in our writers notebook. Then we had to start our good copy and stick it to our photo.

                                                                       lmage :

Feedback/I like at or lmage is big. #COHEN
Feed forward :  next time make some some of letters bigger #COHEN

evaluation: I think I did well because I took my time to do it and I got it done in the end. Next time i think mi could have a different play with colours .

Thursday, 3 March 2016

camp goals

I had to create some camp goals for camp around my one word. Mine are below.