Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mesurement portfoilo post

description:  This term for maths we have been focusing on Measurement we had to do a rich task to see how we were going with it and what we could do better. A rick task is a task we do for a long time. we had to do a Measurement one to see how we were going.

feedback and feedforward: I like how you explained what a rich task was. i have no feedforward for you. Alex C

 Evaluation: i think i could do alot better with my rick task

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing Post

description: For writing we have to organise our ideas and get proof of them we can write a story if we want to.  We have to organise our ideas in groups like setting chacters problems resualtion etc

feedback and feedforward: i like the way you did your planing next time you could ad a bit more to your story. kayla

Evaluation: i could do better at getting my story finished or at least started i loved how we did
something different well to me different.